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  1. Thanksgiving Cards are the Newest 2020 Trend

    Card sending is having a comeback year and Thanksgiving has emerged as the new popular card occasion. This holiday gives the opportunity to reach out with gratitude and sincerely send a bit of kindness to clients and prospects. The feelings of comfort and warmth, a season of change and bringing the year to an end, that Thanksgiving exudes can truly...
  2. 2020 Digital Catalog

    Wall Street Greetings 2020 Holiday Catalog
  3. Top 5 Thanksgiving Cards for Financial Advisors

    We are happy to partner with advisors year after year to enhance client relationships. There are many occasions where a greeting card is appropriate and welcomed by clients — birthdays, anniversaries, or new babies for example, however the holidays, present a special opportunity to reflect on the past year and put in writing your well wishes or personal anecdotes. It is...
  4. Want to Stay Better Connected with Clients? Put it in Writing!

    With inboxes full and schedules adjusting to new normals, it can be hard to break through everyday noise to connect with clients. Firm handshakes, lunches, drinks and in-person meetings aren't viable options. If you want to make a good impression, put your message in writing. Here we offer 5 ways to reach out to clients right now: Share Empathy —...
  5. Top 8 Holiday Cards for Financial Advisors

    It is not too early to start thinking about your holiday card strategy. As you plan how to connect with clients through the season, we offer our Top Holiday & Thanksgiving Cards for professionals
  6. How to Reach out to Clients with a Patriotic Card

    Many advisors use less popular occasions and holidays as opportunities to reach out to clients. One of these card campaigns often centers around patriotic cards that mail during Memorial Day, Flag Day or Fourth of July. This blog post offers insight as to why this may be a great plan for your business and how to execute. A friendly hello...
  7. Advice for Financial Advisors from an Investor during Challenging Times

           The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone wondering how best to proceed. As an investor and business owner serving the financial industry, here are some thoughts to consider. Keep Open Contact — Schedules and priorities have changed over the last few weeks. Share your updated office hours, contact information and scheduling changes. Availability, even if only by phone, is essential. Be proactive, not reactive.  Reassure with...
  8. We All Want to Make an Impact

    Mary Ellen Harden, President We All Want to Make an Impact — As I reflect on my personal and professional plans for 2020 I’m concentrating on making an impact. So much of social media and the fast-paced world we live in is about making a difference and living purposefully, especially if you’re part of the millennial or Gen-X group. As...
  9. How Cards Reinforce Your New Year's Resolution

    Sending cards is one of the most probable success factors and easy to incorporate strategies.
  10. Can you say 'Thank you' enough?

    Can you say 'thank you' enough? — I regularly frequent a Starbucks drive through. Many of us do (especially now that PSL season has arrived). As I exit I pass by a sturdy, metal small sign built just to the side of the structure, that simply reads “thank you” in bold white text. The first time I noticed this sign...

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