As summer is wrapping up, we certainly already have holidays on our mind!

With the corporate holiday greeting card business booming, we have to admit we are planning for Christmas cards and holiday greetings year-round. We know that’s our job and not yours –so here we offer what we have learned through our customers who don’t wait to select their cards.



  Top 4 Reasons to Order Early:

1. Best selection available. It’s the simple law of economics: while the demand is lower, supply is higher.

Our new corporate holiday greeting cards are teeming with festive designs and messages and our inventory will not be higher than it is right now. We are predicting a few best-sellers already, and we don’t want you to miss out on your favorites!


2. FREE Seals! For all orders placed now through June 30, 2016 that include holiday cards, we are including free foil seals! This is our gift to you – a savings of $.10 per piece – and is the perfect finishing touch to an elegant card.


3. Let’s say it together: LESS. STRESS. Have you ever felt like beginning October 1st, the year is basically over? Ordering your business Christmas cards and holiday cards ahead of the rush will allow you time to clean up your address list, purchase enough postage, and not worry about a lingering item on your to-do list – and allow you to enjoy the festivities of the season!


4. Lead the way and be memorable, longer! Having your business holiday cards in hand earlier, means you can then be among the first cards to arrive in your clients’ mailboxes – and your card will get more exposure, longer. You’ll also be remembered for being organized and thoughtful throughout the year!

We are certainly here to help!  This year, we’d love for you to be one of those people who can say, “I’m so glad I ordered early!”