We have had a very busy and exciting first month of the new www.wallstreetgreetings.com!

As we have transitioned to the new site and functionalities, we have already been learning a lot. We are grateful to our customers for the valuable feedback that has helped us improve the customer experience.


Below are the Top 3 questions we have been answering -- hopefully they will help you as you shop the cards and use the interactive personalization tool!

  1. Help! My usual username/password isn't working and I can't retrieve it! 

No need to panic - your sign-in credentials from the past aren't supposed to be working! In the interest of security and online privacy, we did not migrate customer information from our old site.

If this is your first order at our new website, please register for a new account! Registering allows you to save personalization designs, quickly re-order favorite cards, and access special pricing (when applicable).

2. When I personalize my card or envelope, the text/image lands in a strange place.

Currently, the text and image fields default to a centered location. Because the tool is interactive, however, you can change it while you are personalizing.

Example: text defaults to this location:


If you click your cursor onto the text box, you can drag the field to your desired location, like this:


Envelope text can also be moved.

Example (defaulting to center):


If you click your cursor onto the text box, you can drag the field to your desired location, like this:



3. I buy cards from you annually. Do you still have my old personalization set-ups on file? 

Absolutely, we do! While they are a great reference for us,  we encourage you to use the new personalization tool on this site. This will save your designs; ensure you have current logos printed; give you a real-time look at what your card will look like; and can be a great tool for re-ordering in the future.


What have YOU been experiencing? Do you have questions or comments that could help us improve the experience? You are certainly our best resource and we welcome your feedback - [email protected] or 859.873.0877.