You may be surprised to know there truly is an art to sending holiday cards. After more than 25 years of providing greeting cards for financial professionals, we have are happy to share a few tips for connecting with your clients during the holidays.

Don't include a business card. Make this a touchpoint of the year that isn't overtly about sales or business to show your true appreciation for your clients’ loyalty.

Don't order late. Ordering your cards early allows for plenty of time for personalizing and keeps your clients from feeling like an afterthought. With ample time to send your cards, you’re able to write in thoughtful and personal messages to clients. We recommend ordering Thanksgiving cards in September and Holiday Cards in October for the best selection. 

Don't overcomplicate the process.  Wall Street Greetings can add your signatures and additional message to the inside of your card.  Not sure what to say? We can provide recommendations based on our most popular setups and provide a proof for compliance approval. Add a return address to your envelopes to save time when you’re ready to mail.

These tips will make your card sending easier, so you can spend time on the Do’s, like… 

Do hand address your envelopes and post with a real stamp! In a digital world, this analog touch is appreciated — and your card is more personal before it is even opened.

Do make it about your clients. A quick line about a family milestone or accomplishment from the year signals that you've paid attention to many of the important aspects of their life — not just their investments.

Do send early! The cards that arrive  before Thanksgiving and in early December will usher in the season and stay on the mantle, and on client minds, throughout the holiday season.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and happy card-sending!

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