Three Strategies to Building your Business with Greeting Cards — Greeting Cards are one of the most effective tools for building long-lasting business relationships. Don’t underestimate the positive impact a handwritten note in a greeting card can have on clients and prospects.

Comprehensive card programs are easy to execute by following these three strategies:

1. Branded Note Cards: Having a set of branded note cards on-hand is important for those times when you want to send a quick note, such as in times of sympathy, congratulations or appreciation. Customizing with your company logo adds a professional touch. These cards can also be used as appointment reminders, referral requests or as a follow-up to special meetings.

2. Birthday Card Program: Collecting your clients’ birthdates and having birthday cards on hand to send lets them know you are thinking of them year-round. This is a simple way to make a big impact on your relationship. Take your birthday card program a step further and include sending birthday cards to clients’ family members.

3. Holiday Cards: Send holiday cards to clients and prospects at the beginning of the holiday season. Your card on display throughout the holidays is a reminder of your special relationship. Taking time to thank clients will ensure their repeat business for years to come.


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