Why Sending Birthday Cards Matters to your Bottom Line — Birthday cards can be a game-changing relationship building tool for your business.

Your birthday is the most important day of the year. When the special day arrives, it offers time for reflection on the past year and hope for the future. It is the start of your personal fiscal calendar. Accordingly, many financial plans are reviewed and implemented around this date. Sending a birthday card is a reminder to schedule a review.

You may have a strong relationship with one half of a joint account. Birthdays are great opportunities to reach out and keep in touch with the lesser known spouse. It is also an opportunity to recognize children of your client. Everyone enjoys it when their children are thought of, and those may be future clients.

If you’ve enjoyed the 80’s romantic comedy, 16 Candles, you know the desperation Sam faces over her entire family forgetting her 16th birthday. While a comedic plot line, having your birthday overlooked is anything but funny.

Many of your older clients may be facing the loneliness of spending a birthday alone as friends and relatives have been lost over the years. Your card may be the only one they receive and will have a great deal of meaning on their special day.

In summary, sending birthday cards is a way to make significant connections with your clients, which can only result in stronger business relationships.

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