How to Choose the Right Holiday Card for your Business — The decision of choosing what card best represents your business can be daunting, and may even hinder some companies from sending cards. Don’t let your business suffer because you have a fear of card-commitment.

It is most natural to choose a design that you like, it’s normal and makes sense. Don’t overthink. The card is a representation of your business so it should be something you like. If you begin by trying to meet various client expectations you may be overwhelmed.

You should consider various religious beliefs represented by your client group. It may be necessary to choose a couple designs that you can send to various sets of clients based on their religious affiliations. You might also consider skipping the December holidays and send a Thanksgiving or New Years card this year.

Review your brand and any themes that carried through your business during the year. Is there a certain color or design style your clients identify with your company? Are you celebrating an anniversary year, have you changed locations, are you experiencing success or loss? Thinking through the year might help you decide if a more serious, or lighthearted card is appropriate. What message are you hoping to send clients?

Envision your card sitting with a group of cards on a family mantel or in an office common area. How do you picture your card standing out among the others? You might choose a card that embodies warmth or a card that brings out a laugh. You may decide you want to be recognized with a rich design with heavy emboss or higher end paper stock. This exercise should help you identify the perfect card for your business.

Keep in mind, whatever card you choose, your clients are going to feel your sincere appreciation. No matter the design, the time that went into preparing and sending the card will be recognized and appreciated.

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