Mary Ellen Harden, President

We All Want to Make an Impact — As I reflect on my personal and professional plans for 2020 I’m concentrating on making an impact. So much of social media and the fast-paced world we live in is about making a difference and living purposefully, especially if you’re part of the millennial or Gen-X group.

As a more mature millennial, born in 1985, my perspective on how to make an impact is changing. Maybe it’s the young children I’m tending to, the daily nuances and blessings I’m surrounded by, or the reality of settling into the routine of a career I love. I’ve noticed that some of the most meaningful impacts are on a much smaller, more personal level, than the grandeur, celebrated achievements I once dreamed.

Reaching out to a grandparent, a neighbor, a fellow mother, or business partner with a small encouragement can really go a long way, and it is so very unexpected it means the world. We are all much too busy to stop and offer a kind word – so when someone does, especially written, it makes a very significant and personal impact.

That’s the power of greeting cards, and why I advocate they are one of the most successful life and business tools. Those who regularly send cards can attest to the significance they have in tending to the most important life relationships. 

If you aren’t yet in that group of card senders, I encourage you to begin 2020 with a commitment to making an impact through the simple gesture of sending cards, relaying your sincere appreciation or care. Although it may seem small, it is a bold way to begin a new decade on the right note.

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