Many advisors use less popular occasions and holidays as opportunities to reach out to clients. One of these card campaigns often centers around patriotic cards that mail during Memorial Day, Flag Day or Fourth of July. This blog post offers insight as to why this may be a great plan for your business and how to execute.

A friendly hello — These types of card campaigns work well because everyone likes to be recognized.  An unexpected hello goes a long way to make someone feel special. It demonstrates to the recipient that they are on your mind and you care and it usually generates a response. Most everyone feels compelled to reply with an email, text or phone call. This opens opportunities for dialogue with clients that could lead to new business.

Timing — Sending cards in May and July promises less distractions. There are no competing holiday distractions like in November or December, and most everyone is in good spirits with the onset of warmer weather and summer schedules. There is more time for the recipient to enjoy and acknowledge your sentiment. We advise sending the card at least a week in advance of the holiday so the recipient has plenty of time to set the card on display and enjoy.

Patriotic designs — Patriotism may generate different emotions based on previous experiences, but most commonly, it captures feelings of gratitude and pride, often with family at the forefront. The most common designs feature a flag or red, white and blue colors. Traditional values such as family, hope and pride for our country come through in the designs. Choose a card that best describes your feelings towards patriotism. Your clients will enjoy receiving something that you chose as an expression of your thoughts.

The inside sentiment — Sending a patriotic card presents the perfect opportunity to reach out in gratitude. Some of the following expressions may work for your campaign:

  • At this time of year, I am reminded of how grateful I am to serve clients like you. 
  • This season of patriotism reminds me of everything we have to be grateful for, especially clients like you. 
  • Feeling especially blessed during this time, and grateful you’ve put your trust in our business.
  • With sincere appreciation, we take time to acknowledge our great country and the freedoms we all enjoy.  

Handwritten is best - We advise handwriting your sentiment so that it is a more personal message, and include a handwritten signature. You also may choose to handwrite the address instead of using preprinted options, just another way to show you’ve taken the time to send a personal expression of gratitude.

On brand - The card you send is an expression of your brand. Include your logo preprinted in color on the inside of the card and preprinted on the back flap of your envelopes with a return address. This extra personalization shows professionalism and attention to detail; both important qualities when choosing business partners.

Gratitude - Whatever the occasion, it is always best to express gratitude in your card. A note of appreciation goes a long way when reaching out to clients. It is the best way to make an impact and further your business relationship. The summer holidays offer a great excuse to reach out with a friendly “thank you” to let clients know you care.

It is not too late to integrate this strategy into your client relationship plans for the year. If you don’t get a Fourth of July card mailed there are plenty of others ways to reach out with an unexpected note. Shop thank you or thinking of you designs and plan to send a summer note to your clients. You may also consider using a patriotic design to reach out on Labor Day or to Veterans and their families in September. Be sure to let us know what strategies you incorporate and what feedback you receive from your clients. We enjoy hearing from you, [email protected]

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