With inboxes full and schedules adjusting to new normals, it can be hard to break through everyday noise to connect with clients. Firm handshakes, lunches, drinks and in-person meetings aren't viable options. If you want to make a good impression, put your message in writing. Here we offer 5 ways to reach out to clients right now:

Share Empathy — Your clients may be experiencing loss, worry, loneliness or frustration. A kind word or uplifting message will be appreciated and your thoughtfulness will be remembered. Prepare to be timely with Get Well, Sympathy and Thinking of You cards when something unexpected comes up. When you aren’t sure what to say, send a short message of Care and Concern to clients. 

Express Gratitude — Thank clients for their trust and loyalty during this period of market volatility. No one can be sure of the future, but a thank you goes a long way in terms of brightening someone's day and passing positivity forward. Remind clients "we’re all in this together" with a professional and corporate Thank You card. 

Alternate Arrangements — Make sure clients have all necessary information regarding point of contacts and schedule updates. There is a new normal that we are all adjusting to and any certainty you can share is appreciated. Most people are working revised schedules with spouses and roommates as “co-workers.” Don't ignore the different work environment, thank them for their patience — maybe reference the kids or pets in the background!

Celebrate Summer Birthdays — Everyone loves birthdays, but with limited travel, parties and dinners out, celebrations will be subdued. A handwritten note sending your best wishes in a Birthday Card is sure to bring a smile to your clients, and might even make it onto the refrigerator for the following weeks. Sharing a little happiness on their special day will go a long way. 

Touch Base — Drop a note to clients, former clients, prospects and centers of influence on personalized stationery or a blank note card. Ask how they’re doing or how you can help. Write 5 notes a day, 5 the next and repeat. Reaching out to clients outside of scheduling meetings will build a relationship of loyalty and can lead to referrals for years to come.

A sincere handwritten note goes a long way and you’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel from this act of kindness. Right now, we all want to feel connected.

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