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  • An Expert’s Guide to Sending Note Cards

    brandednotecard_blog2An Expert’s Guide to Sending Note Cards —Are you working at your desk with a stale pack of note cards sitting in a drawer untouched? If so, read on to learn how sending branded note cards can build your business. We’ll convince you on why it’s important and offer a few best practice tips to begin sending.

    Increase your credibility Branded stationery demonstrates professionalism and promotes dedication to your work and your clients. With every order we check the quality of the logo imprint making sure you receive a superior product, putting your brand in the best light. Clients and prospects will associate your personal note with a lasting, real relationship build on the highest level of professionalism and care.

    Build Client Relationships When you have personalized stationery on hand, you’re able to send a quick note, such as in times of sympathy, congratulations or appreciation. With 20 cards and 21 envelopes to a pack, we offer plenty of opportunities to reach out at a moment’s notice to build a relationship. Thinking back on significant times in your life, most likely, anyone who took a moment to reach out unexpectedly is remembered. Why pass on an opportunity to be remembered for taking the time to strengthen the relationship with your clients and their families?

    Gain Loyalty There isn’t always a bull market, but taking time to thank clients will ensure their repeat business for years to come. Start new habits of gratitude and thoughtfulness through a branded note card campaign and watch your client loyalty grow.

    Best Practices for sending professional note cards:

    1. Don’t Hesitate. Send thank you notes and messages promptly after meetings when the details are fresh in your mind.

    2. Send them for big and small reasons. Really, send them to all clients and prospects you want to build a relationship. No gesture is too small to thank or savor in writing.

    3. Include a business card. Provide an easy way for recipients to reach you with questions or concerns.

    4. Keep it simple. Personal notes are an easy way to let clients know you’re invested in their success. 


    If you’re convinced, be sure to shop our branded note cards here or contact us for samples.

    Keep in mind, we’re interested in doing good with your purchases. We’ve joined with brands such as US Bank and Google, Inc, in donating to the National Forest Foundation to support restoration projects nation-wide. A portion of every sale from our stationery and note card line contributes to this noteworthy cause.

  • Three Strategies to Building your Business with Greeting Cards


    Three Strategies to Building your Business with Greeting Cards — Greeting Cards are one of the most effective tools for building long-lasting business relationships. Don’t underestimate the positive impact a handwritten note in a greeting card can have on clients and prospects.

    Comprehensive card programs are easy to execute by following these three strategies:

    1. Branded Note Cards: Having a set of branded note cards on-hand is important for those times when you want to send a quick note, such as in times of sympathy, congratulations or appreciation. Customizing with your company logo adds a professional touch. These cards can also be used as appointment reminders, referral requests or as a follow-up to special meetings.

    2. Birthday Card Program: Collecting your clients’ birthdates and having birthday cards on hand to send lets them know you are thinking of them year-round. This is a simple way to make a big impact on your relationship. Take your birthday card program a step further and include sending birthday cards to clients’ family members.

    3. Holiday Cards: Send holiday cards to clients and prospects at the beginning of the holiday season. Your card on display throughout the holidays is a reminder of your special relationship. Taking time to thank clients will ensure their repeat business for years to come.


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  • One Year Anniversary of Our Business Stationery Line


    We are celebrating the year anniversary of our Business Stationery line. Released on Earth Day in 2017, this collection of stationery was conceptualized after hearing the needs of our customers. We heard the need for everyday written correspondence in business; used for occasions such as follow-up after prospect meetings, sending client reminders and employee recognition.

    With the same dedication to design and quality that we give to all our card lines, we set out to create premium stationery sets that work for your business needs, as well as offering you the opportunity to do good with your purchases. A percentage of proceeds from every stationery set sold goes towards the National Forest Foundation in planting trees in restoration projects nationwide. Your purposeful spending enabled us to double our annual giving in 2017 from previous years.

    In honor of this milestone we’re giving away a free branded notecard set with discount code NOTECARDS. Instructions for ordering follow. No other purchase is required. Shipping and handling are not included.

    Here’s to making a difference in big and small ways; protecting our Earth and connecting with others through a simple handwritten note.


    Mary Ellen


    Five steps to order your FREE branded notecards:

    1. Search product code "NC16CL" on the website.
    2. Click on the product then click the “Personalize” button.
    3. In the personalization tool, use the “add image” button to upload your logo file.
    4. Click add to cart.
    5. In your shopping cart enter “NOTECARDS” in the discount code box.

    *While supplies last. Promotion ends Friday, April 27.



  • Does Your Dad Mean Business? Gift Him with Business Stationery


    Father's Day is just around the corner. Show Dad your appreciation and gift him with personalized note cards from our business stationery line. With nearly 50 new card designs you are sure to find stationery to match his style. 

    A portion of every sale from our business stationery line is allocated directly to support the National Forest Foundation, committed to the future of public lands and safeguarding America’s treasured National Forests and Grasslands. Your purchase will go towards planting thousands of trees in restoration projects nationwide.

    Dad will be so proud.

  • Team Building: How Are You Reaching Your Employees?

    How are you building your team? What is your company culture like? Like many businesses, you can probably identify both areas of strength, and some places for improvement.

    The quick and easy act of giving a handwritten note can go very far. It is a humble and honest way to express your gratitude, to reach out during difficult or exciting times, or to simply let a team member know you see their contributions.

    Team Teamwork Meeting Success Happiness Concept

    Whether you are managing an office or working solo and building a community of business partners, you have a team of individuals that can help or hurt in your success. Make sure you have not overlooked their significance in your routines, your bottom line, and your future success.

    Try it once or twice and you will learn not to underestimate the impact a handwritten note will make.

  • New NYSE Notecard!

    We are thrilled to introduce to you the best note card you never knew you needed!

    Designed by acclaimed artist Steven Noble, this distinguished blank greeting card featuring the NYSE is perfect for thank you notes, reminder notifications, and touching base with your clients at every milestone.  


    Sized perfectly at 6.25 x 4.5, you will find yourself reaching for this to jot a note to clients time and time again. 

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