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  • The most important business

    As your number one partner in building relationships, we want to wish you the best as you celebrate the legacy of mothers present and mothers past. 

    Wall Street Greetings is a certified Woman Owned Business and proudly honors the tough business of motherhood.


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    Did you know that Wall Street Greetings has the fastest order processing in the business? While we take great pride in our quality of cards, design, and personalization options, we also aim to get you your cards as soon as possible.

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    With the same care that you are taking to build your relationships, we want to take care of you - we'll deliver the highest quality business greeting cards in a timely manner.

    If you have a question about your order processing or shipping options for even faster delivery, you can contact us at (859)-873-0877 or info@wallstreetgreetings.com.

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  • One Advisor's Story: Greeting Cards & Clients

    Wealth Management Advisor Mark Broderick works hard for his clients, and part of that effort is sending greeting cards throughout the year. Sending cards as regularly as quarterly, Mark says, "we want to be proactive so our clients know we are thinking about them."


    The Broderick Wealth Management Team - Grace Ong, Mark Broderick, Meghan Broderick, Lynn Broderick, Kyle Broderick

    A longtime customer, Mark and his Cincinnati-based team routinely send notes for everything from birthdays to follow-up after completing surveys, and reminding clients of their upcoming mid-year reviews.  Purchasing three to four times a year means his card selection is always current and plentiful. He has heard that he may be the only non-family member to recognize a birthday, and he'll drop a note to personally thank a client for a referral.

    Meghan Broderick, a Financial Advisor on the team, points out that they also use cards for prospecting clients. She feels that a handwritten note is "much more memorable than an email and people appreciate that you've taken the time to follow up in a more personal way."

    Wall Street Greetings President Mary Ellen Harden observes that understanding this kind of regular human connection is exactly what distinguishes a great advisor from a good one. "Mark really embodies the spirit of the greeting card sender. No occasion is too insignificant and no opportunity is too small to reach out to your client and connect in a meaningful way. It's an increasingly digital world and a handwritten card means the sender was intentional to reach out to you. It's a powerful and inexpensive tool for advisors like Mark and his team."

    One of Mark's favorite annual traditions is sending Thanksgiving cards. Instead of the ever popular traditional holiday cards, sending cards at Thanksgiving time means he reaches his clients ahead of the flurry of mail, and stays on their shelves a little longer.

    After thirty years in the business, Mark is an expert in matters of financial planning and is growing a team with the same goals, expertise, and service. With his relationship-centered approach to finding and helping his clients, we know he has many more successful years ahead, and we are grateful to be even a small part of that work.

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  • We're Hiring!

    We are thrilled to have an opportunity on our dynamic creative team.  Are you the right fit? We'd love to hear from you.


  • Variety Packs: a card for every occasion

    Greeting cards are instant connection - and we are here to help you have the right one on hand for every moment.


    The assortment offered through our collection of Variety Packs ensures that you  have the right card for the right moment all through the year. Your clients are more than a portfolio: they are a very real person having very real, life moments. Having a Congratulations and Thank You card on hand means you are always prepared for the opportunities to stay connected.  Our birthday Variety Packs offer a range of designs, so you can send the perfect card to each client, every year.

  • Don't Let January (or Free Shipping) Pass!

    We're already peeking at our February calendars - how is it even possible!?

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  • Top 5 Birthday Cards for Financial Advisors

    Building your business and engaging your clients is a year-round, steady effort of relationship building and connection points. Your clients' birthdays are a perfect point in the year to say hello and send warm greetings.  We present to you our Top 5 card designs for Financial Advisors for 2017.



    1. Birthday Pie Chart - Standard - A best-selling card at our best pricing, this clever financial design lands at the top of the list for 2017.


    2. Bull & Bear Festive Cake - Premium - This charming new design, enhanced with gold foil and embossing details, is both festive and professional. Bull & bear cake toppers are the perfect subtle touch.


    3. Confetti & Streamers Burst - Standard - Embossed confetti and silver foil streamers make this colorful, festive birthday card extra special. Without overt financial iconography, this card is perfect for your employees or other corporate contacts.


    4. Gold Wall Street Birthday - Premium - This timeless, handsome card prominently features the NYSE and distinguished gold embellishments.


    5. Gold Shimmery Presents - Premium - A new festive financial design! Gold shimmery presents and  the classic bull & bear icons are perfectly balanced on this birthday card.


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