Join Our Team


We hire for seasonal roles to start in October and work up to 9 weeks through mid-December.


Quality Control

 We ship cards nationally to some of the highest-level professionals in the financial and corporate fields. Every order that ships is guaranteed to exceed customer expectations since it will be used as a reflection of their brand. Our quality control staff is responsible for checking the cards and envelopes ensuring there are no ink spots or printer errors, along with spelling or set-up mistakes when the order ships. This role requires an attention to detail and the ability to read an order form and sort cards and envelopes. 


Customer Service

We need enthusiastic, helpful individuals to answer calls from prospects and customers looking for assistance in placing an order. This role serves as the face of our company; the one opportunity we have to directly communicate with our customer group. An ability to gather details about orders, place orders online and work in order processing software is required. A friendly demeanor and positive attitude are crucial when call levels increase and customer demands heighten.


Print Production

We print over two million greeting cards during our peak holiday season. Our print production team verifies the card layout and sends the files to print on Oki and Zante laser printers or on Canon and Konica Minolta digital presses. We primarily work in the Creative Cloud Suite for file setups. This role is not for someone fearful of a Mac computer; an aptitude for technology and printing is important.



This role is the last to review our orders making sure every piece is included and set-up correctly. In this position you are constantly on your feet and moving. Attention to detail is important and reading an order form. Most all of our card sets are run through a shrink machine and packaged in bulk trays with kraft, bubble and cartons. If presentation is important to you, this job is a good fit. 


Production Artist

We assist customers with electronic proofs of their card set-ups sent prior to printing, when requested. Artists must be comfortable working in Adobe Illustrator to trace and format handwritten signatures and logos to print high quality on the cards. An ability to read an order form, space text desirably and communicate through email with customers is required.


If you or a friend are looking to spend time helping us send happiness this upcoming holiday season, contact us here.